Dangers of Spray-On Sunscreen

Consumer Reports Warns about Dangers of Spray-On Sunscreen

7648435_m-croppedSpray-on sunscreen may seem like a great solution to the age-old problem of getting kids to wear sunscreen and reapplying it as often as needed. It’s quick and easy to use, simplifying life for parents with impatient and uncooperative children. Unfortunately, it may also pose an unacceptable risk to your child’s lungs. Consumer Reports is urging parents to stop using spray-on sunscreen on their kids, until further studies on their safety have been completed.

Inhaling Sunscreen

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is still investigating the safety of sunscreen sprays for children. One major concern is whether it can trigger asthma attacks. Sunscreens typically contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Both are minerals which act as a physical barrier against the sun’s rays. However, the safety of ingesting and inhaling these minerals has long been in question.

In regular sunscreen, they should stay on the surface of your skin and not be absorbed into the body. In spray-on sunscreens, they can easily be inhaled. While some worry about the long-term health effects of allowing these minerals into your body, the more immediate concern is that the tiny particles will cause irritation of the lungs and airways, resulting in asthma attack.

Of course, the fragrance and other chemicals in spray-on sunscreens also have the potential to cause asthma and allergy attacks. Children are at greatest risk, overall, but adults can be affected too.

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