Child Safety: Securing Furniture to Prevent Child Injuries

18182177_mAccording to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), a child is killed in a tip-over accident, involving a piece of furniture or appliance, every two weeks. According to the Child Injury Prevention Alliance (CIPA) over 40 children are treated in emergency rooms for tip-over injuries each day. Tip-overs are usually the result of a child climbing or pushing the piece of furniture over, but you can prevent tip-overs by properly securing furniture and TVs so that they cannot tip or fall.

Tips for Securing Furniture

  • All TVs should be anchored or strapped.
  • Flat screen TVs can be wall mounted for extra safety.
  • Tube-style TVs may seem sturdy, but they’re not. They are front-heavy and can easily fall forward.
  • Only place TVs on low, sturdy furniture that is large enough and meant to hold a TV. Push the TV to the back of the stand if the stand is against a wall.
  • Secure the TV with a strap and anchors.
  • Dressers are often overlooked as a tipping hazard because they are heavy, low, and wide, but when children climb the drawers they can tip them.
  • Anchor dressers, bookcases, entertainment centers, and other furniture into wall studs.
  • Do not place toys, remotes, and other items children may want to grab on high shelves or on top of the TV where children will be inspired to climb to reach them.
  • Keep electric cords out tuck safely away where young children will not pull TVs and other electronics down on themselves.


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