Child Safety Seats Improperly Installed

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) only about 25% of child car safety seats are installed properly. That means about three out of four children who are strapped in are not actually protected during an accident. At least one study has found that 96% of parents and caregivers believe they are doing it right. So how you can you be sure that your child is as safe as possible?

Car Seat Inspections

Safety organizations and some local government agencies off free car seat inspections throughout the country. Some will even come to your home or another place of your choosing. Technicians will check to make sure that your car seat is in good condition, the right seat for your child, and that it is installed properly. They will show you how to install the set properly, and many offer education on upgrading as your child grows.

Unfortunately, car seat inspection programs are not available in all communities, so many parents are still on their own.

Car Seat Installation is Complicated

Installing a car seat is complicated and confusing. Parents don’t expect that. They don’t know they need professional help and find it hard to believe that they need to take a class. There are several factors that make proper installation difficult.

The instructions are often confusing, inaccurate, or incomplete. You have to use the instruction manual for the car seat in conjunction with your car’s manual. Every seat is different and vehicles have various systems for attaching car seats.

Newer vehicles have anchors in the seats and an anchor or fastener at the top of the seat. In older vehicles, you still have the use the seat belt to secure the car seat. One thing parents do not always realize is that you should not use both. That may seem like extra protection, but the two can work against each other and actually make the seat less secure.

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