Chemical Burns Can be Life-Altering

Chemical Shower

It’s no secret that exposure to some chemicals can be life threatening. Inhaling toxic chemicals harms the lungs and can kill. Chemical burns also can have a long-lasting impact on victims’ lives. However, most people don’t realize that caustic chemicals are more commonplace. Even household cleaners have the potential of causing irreparable skin damage.

In certain occupations, particularly in construction and demolition, workers use dangerous chemicals every day. OSHA requires companies to establish and follow standard safety protocols in the storage and use of dangerous chemicals in order to keep workers safe.

Rules that are Designed to Protect You

OSHA regulations specifically require eyewash and chemical shower stations to be present in occupations that regularly handle chemicals. Unfortunately, some companies fail to follow these regulations or implement adequate safety measures, and their employees can suffer permanent injuries or death as a result.

Injuries that can result from chemical exposure are:

  • Permanent skin damage that can lead to disfigurement
  • Permanent damage to the throat and lungs
  • Nerve damage
  • Brain damage
  • Blindness
  • Loss of smell

Even if companies keep eyewash and shower stations close to workers, this alone is not enough to keep workers safe. It is the employer’s responsibility to inform employees what chemicals they are working with and whether or not they pose a significant threat. Safety data sheets (also called SDSs) list the effects of chemicals and how to properly protect yourself from damage. Unfortunately, sometimes employers don’t post these documents or share them with employees. Furthermore, labels on containers listing the dangers of the chemical compounds can wear off easily. These oversights may seem innocuous, but they can result in serious injury to employees.

You May be Entitled to Compensation for Your Injuries

Chemical burns can be debilitating on a physical and psychological level. The road to compensation can also be extremely complicated and frustrating, especially if you are in the middle of recovering from your injuries. Fortunately, experienced chemical burn lawyers are available to evaluate your case, advise you of your rights, and to fight for your right to compensation.

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