Avoid Motorcycle Accidents by Assuming That Everyone Else on the Road Will Act Like an Idiot

30499233_lActually, you need to do that to avoid accidents no matter what type of vehicle you operate, but when you’re on a motorcycle there are two reasons why it is even more important than in four-wheeled, enclosed vehicles.

The first one is obvious – if you do crash you’re much more likely to die or be very seriously hurt.

The second reason is more aggravating, but no less true. If you are on a motorcycle, the drivers around you really are more likely to act like idiots because the majority of driver still do not see motorcycles and routinely violate bikers’ right of way.

The Laws of Physics Trump Right of Way

Having the right of way means virtually nothing when you are on a motorcycle. Sure, when it’s all said and done and you are dead or severely disabled the fact that you had the right of way can help your family win money in court, but when you are on the road it will not protect you from a driver who doesn’t notice you or doesn’t care.

You definitely need to know your rights and the rules of the road, but you cannot force other vehicles to follow them.

Know the Signs

You have to actively look for bad drivers all the time. Primarily, you are looking for oncoming drivers who will turn left in front of you and drivers traveling the same direction as you who change lanes swerving into you.

When approaching intersections, if you see a car up ahead in the turning lane assume that they will not see you coming and be prepared to take evasive action.

To avoid being hit by a car changing lanes, try to stay out of blind spots and always be on the lookout for drivers who act like they are about to change lanes, even if they are not using the turn signal. That could be as simple as checking the mirrors or moving their head.


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