5 Tips for Staying Alive After an Auto Accident

29297426_mYou have survived a terrifying accident, shaken but physically unscathed. You are overwhelmed with relief, but the danger is far from over. Now you have to protect yourself from other unsuspecting drivers who are swiftly approaching. It has been pounded into your head since your first driving lesson, “Never leave the scene of an accident!” But, the truth is, it’s better to be alive and accused of hit and run than to “do the right thing” and be dead.

  • If your car will move, get it out of the flow of traffic and as far from traffic on the shoulder as possible. Turn on your flashers and stay inside the vehicle.
  • Keep your seatbelt on in case your vehicle is struck.
  • Call 911. Get the other driver to pull off to a safe place so you can exchange information when help arrives.
  • If you smell gas, get out. There could be a leak and risk of fuel-fed fire. If you have the engine running to stay warm in extremely frigid temperatures, be aware that the accident may have caused an exhaust leak putting you at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning, and you may not smell the exhaust coming in.
  • If you must wait outside the vehicle, because you cannot get it out of traffic or you smell gas, get as far from the road as possible. Never stand behind or in front of the vehicle.

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