4 Tips For Avoid Injuries When Exercising

Warm Up First, Stretch Last

20617364_mThe old recommendation was to stretch before exercise and other physical activity. That has changed. You do want to warm up before working out or playing sports. Stretching should come after your workout. If you stretch before, you will have less strength and will not perform as well.

You want to stretch when your muscles are fully warmed up and full of blood, to minimize risk of injury and maximize flushing of toxins from your muscles. Stretching after a workout is a great way to cool down and prevent over-tightening of muscles after-the-fact.

Be Careful With Morning Workouts

Early morning workouts can get your blood going and boost your metabolism, but you must take care to thoroughly warm up first. Your circulation is naturally low when you first get up, and it naturally increases throughout the day. Your risk of injury is lower when you work out later in the day.

Don’t Hold Your Breath

You’ve heard about proper breathing while you exercise, but you may not realize how important it really is. Holding your breath during exertion can actually lead to injuries including hernia, herniated disk, and blood vessel strain.

Avoid Heavy Workouts When You’re Tired

Fatigue increases your risk of injury. During a heavy workout, balance is the key to avoiding injury. And the balance you need depends on your nervous system firing properly, which does not happen then you’re tired.

If you are experiencing persistent fatigue, exercise might be the thing you need to boost your energy level. But start out easy.

Always consult a doctor before working out.


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