3 Basic Safety Tips You May Have Missed

Sometimes, the simplest things can ultimately save your life. Things that don’t seem obvious, or that you just never think about. Here are three safety tips, that are very easy to implement, but can have a major impact on your safety.

Protecting Yourself from Scammers in Hotels

When you are staying in a hotel, and the front desk calls you, do not give out any information. Hang up and call them back. You have no way of knowing if the call is really coming from the front desk or from someone else with bad intentions. This holds true whether they want to talk about your credit card information or if they say they need to come into your room for some reason. Call the front desk and make sure the call is legitimate.

Spoof Would-Be Robbers with Your GPS

Don’t use your real home address as your home address on your GPS. One trick that some thieves use is to break into your car so that they can get your home address. They know you aren’t home, so it’s the perfect time to rob your house. Using a fake address on your GPS can throw them off track. Some will still go to the trouble of rifling through paperwork to find your address, so don’t leave that stuff accessible.

Also, don’t do the thieves a favor by leaving your garage door opener where they can steal it.

Take Your Car Keys to Bed with You

Taking your keys to bed with you can help you in two ways if someone breaks into your house while you’re sleeping.

If your layout is right, you can use the panic button on your key fob to set off your car alarm. Go ahead and test that out to see if the signal can reach your vehicle from your bedroom. Most burglars don’t want the attention, and will run off. If you live close to neighbors, and they’re not completely jaded from hearing alarms go off on a regular basis, someone will probably call 911 for you.

If you’re not in range of your vehicle, you don’t have a key fob with a panic button, or if you live in a remote area and the alarm won’t help, having your keys with you can still give you a way to escape. This is especially helpful if you can’t get to a neighbor’s house quickly on foot. You’ll have to sneak out, of course, but at least you can get in your car, lock the doors, and drive to safety.

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