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Our mission is to prevent accidents before they happen and to help people find excellent legal help.

This can create direct case inquiries through our network of websites, live online chat, branded phone numbers, email contact forms and more. Referral-based traditional torts practitioners and their firms may be able to benefit from this if they qualify. High quality case inquiries can come from clear liability serious injury auto and truck cases, the cases for which there is so much competition from TV advertisers. These are cases most every referral-based firm tells us are getting harder to find.

Our program is multi-faceted and our tactical mix is constantly evolving. It takes into account the latest changes to the search engine ranking algorithms. Those now emphasize quality of content, authorship and contextual relevance not just keywords and page tags. We’re also using social media and the latest mass media distribution platforms. We’ve been in this business for decades. We would not use the word “unique” if we didn’t know it was true — the tactical mix is unique. The team executing it on your behalf  is constantly evaluating results and re-calibrating its components to reflect market conditions.

Specifically, we’re executing numerous national personal safety public information campaigns as part of our effort to prevent accidents.  Topics include teen driving safety, elderly driving issues, concussions, and playground  injury, among others.  These generate coverage in print and on TV and radio nearly every day in media across the country.  We also update and optimize the campaign’s main website you are now on. We manage dozens of supporting local subsites for participating practices, as well.  All of this ties into and enhances the search engine optimization of your firm’s existing website. That’s right, this program creates inquiries and helps your existing website perform better, too. Two of the country’s leading legal marketing firms combined their expertise  to create this “perfect promotional storm”.  Best of all, we track and report results to participants.

In all but a few the nation’s largest markets, such as New York and Los Angeles, only one firm per city can participate at any given time. Firms are charged a flat monthly rate to participate, paid by credit card.  The monthly fee varies by size of market. You have to give it a few months to begin to generate consistent results. You want lasting prominence and credibility, a relationship with your market. Even in cyber-space, it takes time and ongoing support to make a lasting impression.

Only lawyers and firms with at least one current rating or ranking for plaintiff personal injury from the following can participate:  AV from Martindale-Hubbell®, Best Lawyers®, Best Law Firms® or Super Lawyers®. Current campaign participants include a number of past presidents of state trial lawyer associations. (If you re interested in joining our program but do not have any of the required credentials, our team of marketing consultants can help you try obtain such a rating. They have worked with referral-based plaintiff lawyers across the country for 25+ years.)

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